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Construção de uma Rede de Conhecimento
O paper apresenta alguns principios orientadores sobre como construir uma rede de conhecimento no sector público.

Abstract Different companies operate within different boundaries. Sometimes their purposes intersect, meaning that the companies compete, cooperate, or belong to a same organization and must act together. The concept of Public Sector traditionally inscribes in this kind of fair interception. In the Public Sector arena, the common goal is community welfare. To pursue this common goal, institutions of a same sector must align. To conceive appropriate forms of alignment has led us to a proposition concerned with the design and development of a knowledge network. Acting in the Road Safety Sector and Information Systems area, we have adopted a research trend that stresses the eminent socio-technical character of this area. The research methodology adopted is an Action-Research approach that uses Actor-Network and Technology Drift theories, takes up Communities of Practice and Organizational Learning models, and endorses workgroup practices and workflow processing. Actor-Network Theory provides a fruitful concept of process-oriented alignment[1] that involves categories like actors, work-routines, behaviors and roles. We identify key actors and propose an actor-network capable of supporting a stable, flexible and light information infrastructure. Once we analyze and understand actor’s behaviors, we can inscribe in the network patterns of response and we can translate actor interests and needs, in order to achieve our main goal - improved road safety in Portugal. A socio-technical system, in order to stabilize, must drift from a single-purpose network into a multi-purpose network reflecting the interests of all key actors. All key actors participate in a continually evolving process. We need to define policies to guarantee permanent and participated evolution, assuring ongoing revisits to redesign and redevelop the network.
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